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Introducing Mural Oncology

Harnessing the power of creative design to transform immunotherapy

Immunotherapies have been transformative for some people living with cancer, but unfortunately many patients still do not benefit - either because they are ineligible for treatment or they do not respond well to current therapies.

We recently became an independent company, but we are not new to cancer research - nor to the cancer community. Our mission is to develop and deliver new medicines to increase the number of patients who can benefit from immunotherapy, and our work began years ago.

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The Foundation of How We Work

Our work is driven by three simple principles

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We are:



The needs and well-being of people living with cancer are at the forefront of everything we do and we are driven by our deep empathy for the challenges patients face. We pledge to develop effective, safe and accessible treatments, providing hope and improving quality of life.


Relentless Innovators

We embrace the power of science and our protein engineering expertise, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cancer treatment. We are agile, and foster a culture of transparency and collaboration, encouraging curiosity and continuous learning to unlock groundbreaking solutions.


Team Driven

We foster a diverse and inclusive work environment where all voices are important and heard, and unique talents and perspectives are celebrated. We empower our team members with freedom, resources, and support to unleash their full potential.

Our Name - Our Identity

Working with passion to create a beautiful future

We know that drug development is both an art and a science. The work we do is incredibly technical, intentional, and specific, but there is an art to it - because we must leave room for creativity, innovation and spontaneity. Murals are paintings that transform overlooked or unused spaces by creating something impactful and meaningful. Our team sees the unmet needs of people living with cancer as an opportunity to create impactful and meaningful new therapies.

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Who We Are

Our Leaders

Portrait of Caroline Loew, Ph.D., Mural CEO.

Caroline Loew, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Cutler

Chief Financial Officer
Portrait of Vicki Goodman, M.D., Mural Chief Medical Officer. CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER

Vicki Goodman, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer
Portait of Maiken Keson-Brookes, Mural Chief Legal Officer.

Maiken Keson-Brookes

Chief Legal Officer
Portrait of Justin Levine, Head of Human Resources

Justin Levine

Head of Human Resources

Board of Directors

Portrait of Mural Board of Directors chairman, Scott Jackson MBA.

Scott Jackson, MBA

Portrait of Mural Board of Directors member Susan Altschuller, Ph.D., MBA.

Susan Altschuller, Ph.D., MBA

Portrait of Mural Board of Directors member Francis Cuss, M.B., B.Chir., FRCP.

Francis Cuss, M.B., B.Chir., FRCP

Portrait of Mural Board of Directors member Benjamin Hickey, MBA.

Benjamin Hickey, MBA

Portrait of Caroline Loew, Ph.D., Mural CEO.

Caroline Loew

Member and CEO

Are you inspired to make a difference for people living with cancer?

Bring your passion and talent to help us achieve our mission. Visit our Careers page to learn more about what it's like to be part of Mural Oncology and explore current opportunities to join our team.

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