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Tumor-Targeted Split IL-12

Understanding Our Treatment Candidates

Our enhanced IL-12 is engineered to leverage native IL-12’s anti-tumor potency while mitigating its hallmark toxicity.

The Challenge:

Native IL-12 is a highly potent pro-inflammatory cytokine, but because of its very narrow therapeutic index, it can also be incredibly toxic with systemic exposure.

Our Design:

Our IL-12 variant splits the molecule into two inactive monomers: IL-12p35 and IL-12p40. These individual subunits are then separately fused to antibody fragments and sequentially injected, which deliver and concentrate IL-12 specifically in the tumor microenvironment to limit systemic exposure.  In preclinical studies, our engineered IL-12 achieved the desired reduction in serum while maintaining tumor concentrations providing the potential to reduce systemic toxicities.

Our Split IL-12 program is currently in preclinical development.

Visual Assets:

Infographic conveys the Fusion of IL-12 Subunits with Unique Tumor Antigen Antibodies