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Tumor-Targeted Split IL-12

Understanding Our Treatment Candidates

The tumor-targeted split IL-12 program aims to safely deliver the therapeutic potential of IL-12 by splitting it into inactive components that are specifically directed to the tumor site using tumor-specific antibodies, thereby mitigating systemic toxicities while activating anti-cancer immune responses.

The Challenge:

IL-12 is a potent pro-inflammatory cytokine that plays a key role in the body’s response to pathogens and is known to activate anti-cancer immune responses. The potential clinical utility of IL-12 has been limited by severe toxicities associated with systemic exposure and a narrow therapeutic index.

Our Design:

Our investigational tumor-targeted split IL-12 program is designed to overcome the unsolved challenge of delivering IL-12 safely, while capturing its therapeutic benefits. To achieve this, we split IL-12 into two inactive components which are each targeted directly to the tumor microenvironment using a tumor-specific antibody. Each inactive subunit is administered separately so that they fuse and become functionally active only at the site of the tumor, avoiding activation in the bloodstream, where IL-12 can cause off-target toxicities.

Our Split IL-12 program is currently in preclinical development.

Visual Assets:

Infographic conveys the Fusion of IL-12 Subunits with Unique Tumor Antigen Antibodies